The space between one and one
Kyoto, Avignon, Paris, London ~ Adrien Sina 1994-2002
This project originated by observing the delicate geometric divisions between public and private space as couples progressively crowded the Kamo river bank and its western borders near Gion, Kyoto, in 1994. As night advanced, couples arrived from the bars, night clubs and and restaurants of the old quarter, and sat in twos, creating a chain kilometres long, the Shijo Ohashi bridge at a focal point in the centre. Zeno's paradox was silently observed: spaces divided in half as each couple arrived... The space between each couple too is a space between one and one, traversed by the gesture of a hand, a word, or a sense of emptiness: intimacy is always a question of two solitudes. A measurable space, and subsequently an abstract field of emotion, vibration and silence. A spontaneous urban choreography where the geometries of the space between one and one are in constant flux. 
© Adrien Sina