Intimate Landscapes : Public Spaces
~ Adrien Sina 1999-2003
An extending informel art of desire, exquisite landscapes of colour originated deep in the sexes of once-identified women: smears on glass made in the 1970s, forgotten in the cellars of a Brussels clinic. Each smear is unique; the medical gesture and the choice of stain becomes an imaginary calligraphed portrait of a woman - doubly inspired by her outward being and her body at its most intimate. To rediscover this imaginary being we pass from one intimacy to others, different scenes, public scenes. In the medallions, a new generation makes love on the grass: private in public, caresses in the sun oblivious of the chain of desires which link their whispered words to a deeper Archeology, to loves longdisappeared, unreproducible - yet transformed into the flesh of new generations. 
© Adrien Sina