Pharmacy : Transfert x +
~ Adrien Sina 2003-04
Transfer x +. French Transfer. From Pharmacy to Sex-Shop and back again. The live shows round Les Halles or Pigalle surrounded their black-curtained facades with light-box promises: skins of every colour: chocolate, blonde, eyes closed, sexes open, which tumbled onto dank, night-time pavements. Not and more in the France of Nicolas Sarkozy and Jacques Chirac's new right. The sex shop facades are blank; but the pharmacies have become a riot of flesh, arching bodies, sweat and sea-spray, creams applied, oils massaged over golden pores. The visual transfer has a contrapuntal rhythm in this series; once again the moral message is reduced to a comically manichaean order of Good versus Evil. The State clean-up to protect minors from images of nudity is powerless to contain the overflow of desire as it spreads to reconquer new territory. 

© Adrien Sina