Anatomy of Touch ~ Archaeology of desire
~ Adrien Sina 2003-04
Strangely autoerotic, anatomical man with his exposed muscles and intestines, his poses snatched from far-off mythological scenes, functions as a figure of scientific instruction in a blank space. Repeated from various viewpoints, the figure turns from frontal to profile view. Anatomical woman sits improbably, her belly peeled open, a star-like fruit, showing the foetus within. Through superimposition, Sina restores strange narratives of passion, alerting us to the expressively of a hand reaching out to touch, a finger placed upon a sex. 'Science' rediscovers the language of desire which provoked the first anatomical questions; neutral backgrounds become an intersubjective field traversed by beckoning gestures which control a space now pregnant with meaning. Hypotheses of homosexual encounter broach forbidden territory, and are given graphic power with the intermingling of yearning looks and delicately touching hands. 

© Adrien Sina