Suspended Moments
~ Adrien Sina 2007
Two shepherds whose herd grazes the grass of a restaurant garden on the borders of the river Niger are driven out by the owner.
Nomadism is a tradition, the grass has dried out everywhere; there is only green vegetation on golf courses or in the gardens of tourist haunts. Where else to go?
I greet them to show my solidarity.
They reply to my sign of complicity with some peaceful acrobatics, the last demonstration of their pride before accepting their retreat.
This inversion of the values, inversion of the aggressivity of rich people into a peaceful reply of upside down bodies led me logically to mount this film upside down in time and gravity. Bodies, intentions and moments appears to be suspended in all the meanings of the term...

video 16/9, 02:25 min, Bamako (Mali), 2007

Adrien Sina Adrien Sina

Farafin a ni Toubabou - black and white ethical projects

Adrien Sina

Artist and theoretician Adrien Sina presents a compilation of film works and documentation taken from performances, instruction pieces and videos from 2005-2007.

This dvd contains eight works made on location in France, UK and Mali and reflects aspects of Sina's interests in ethics, human rights and political representations through participatory practices.

A full colour brochure to accompany the DVD can be downloaded here.

Adrien Sina and Live Art Development Agency, 2009, DVD-PAL, 40 minutes.

© Adrien Sina