Walking around the Planet
~ Adrien Sina 2005
This is the long story of a person that we could imagine as a single sequence stretching over several fragments of a life. The person is small, tall, woman, man, black, white... he or she walks as though walking around a planet of the different landscapes : the city, the bush, the forest... but always same walk, in the same direction....
The walking feet form a ribbon of ever-changing presences : the feet stride on, forcefully, tentatively, prettily... Pink toes, brown sandals, shoes in the dust, shoes on the road or across a path.
The march continues, continues, straight on, around the world : beyond the horizon is another horizon, other marchers, other marches ? Or the same ? The idea is that the duration of projection of this video could correspond to the duration of a walk around the Planet : one year. In one year we can make the 40.000 kilometer tour of the Planet, walking day and night with a normal pace....

vidéo 16/9, 06:19 min, 2005

Adrien Sina Adrien Sina

Farafin a ni Toubabou - black and white ethical projects

Adrien Sina

Artist and theoretician Adrien Sina presents a compilation of film works and documentation taken from performances, instruction pieces and videos from 2005-2007.

This dvd contains eight works made on location in France, UK and Mali and reflects aspects of Sina's interests in ethics, human rights and political representations through participatory practices.

A full colour brochure to accompany the DVD can be downloaded here.

Adrien Sina and Live Art Development Agency, 2009, DVD-PAL, 40 minutes.

© Adrien Sina