Feminine Futures curated by Adrien Sina
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+ contributions to other exhibitions & publications

Precursor exhibition, the first step of ‘Feminine Futures’ was staged for RoseLee Goldberg’s PERFORMA Biennial at The Italian Cultural Institute, New York, 2009. Then at The Consortium Museum - Contemporary Art Centre, Dijon, and the Museum Langmatt, Switzerland.

During the process of its elaboration it contributed to the historical sections of international exhibitions, through curatorial advisory, theoretical essays in related publications and key loans to Tate Liverpool, Tate Modern, Centre Pompidou, Guggenheim Bilbao, MoMA, Nicola Trussardi Foundation, La Biennale di Venezia...

Adrien Sina : Feminine Futures Exhibitions

Feminine Futures exhibitions curated by Adrien Sina

1– Feminine Futures – Valentine de Saint-Point. Performa Biennial, Italian Cultural Institute, New York, November 2009 – January 2010
2– Feminine Futures – Performance, Dance, War, Politics and Eroticism. The Consortium Museum, Dijon, June-September 2014
3/4 – Feminine Futures – The Membrane of the Dream I/II. Museum Langmatt, Baden, Switzerland, Part I: April-August 2015, Part II: September-November 2015
5 – Feminine Futures – Avant-garde expressive & abstract dance. Summerhall, Edinburgh, permanent Exhibition, February 2023—

Feminine Futures Publications directed by Adrien Sina

— Feminine Futures 1
Valentine de Saint-Point – Performance, Dance, War, Politics and Eroticism
Curated & edited by Adrien Sina, Dijon, Les presses du réel, 2011


with contributions to the exhibitions:
— Traces du Sacré, Centre Pompidou
, May - August 2008
(curated by Jean de Loisy + Angela Lampe)
— Danser sa vie, Centre Pompidou
, November 2011 – April 2012
(curated by Christine Macel + Emma Lavigne)
— Inventing Abstraction 1910–1925, MoMA New York
, December 2012 - April 2013
(curated by Leah Dickerman + Masha Chlenova)
— The Great Mother, Nicola Trussardi Foundation, Palazzo Reale Milan
, August - November 2015
(curated by Massimiliano Gioni)

— Feminine Futures 2

Expression / Abstraction – The Membrane of Dreams
avant-garde expressive & abstract dance through photography & experimental film
Curated & edited by Adrien Sina, Dijon, Les presses du réel, 2024


in conjunction with the exhibitions
'Elles font l’Abstraction', Centre Pompidou, May – August 2021
(curated by Christine Macel)
'Women in Abstraction', Guggenheim Bilbao, October 2021 – February 2022
(curated by Christine Macel)
'The Milk of Dreams', Venice Biennale, April – November 2022
(curated by Cecilia Alemani)

War | Oppression | Dystopia
Contemporary Dance + Performance & Experimental Film + Photography
Curated by Adrien Sina in 2020+22+23
La Biennale di Venezia – Meetings on Art, 11.06.2022 | Festival Hors Pistes – Centre Pompidou, Paris, 27.01.2023 | Summerhall, Edinburgh, 10.02.2023 | The Courtauld Institute of Art, London, 17.02.2023 | Goldsmiths – University of London, 13.06.2023 | Festival Renacimiento / Renaissance – Universitat Politècnica de València, 17.11.2023. Exhibitions: Summerhall War Memorial Gallery, Edinburgh, 10.02-26.03.2023, Plovdiv, 2025

Adrien Sina : Feminine Futures Exhibitions

Feminine Futures curated by Adrien Sina
Map of contributions to other exhibitions & publications

‘Art, Lies and Videotape: Exposing Performance’, Tate Liverpool, 2003
Curated by Adrian George

Performa Biennial 09 ‘Back to Futurism’, 2009
Founded & curated by RoseLee Goldberg

‘Inventing Abstraction’, MoMA New York, 2013
Curated by Leah Dickerman & Masha Chlenova

‘Traces du sacré’, Centre Pompidou, 2008
Curated by Jean de Loisy & Angela Lampe

‘Futurism’, Centre Pompidou + Tate Modern, 2009
Curated by Didier Ottinger, Matthew Gale, Ester Coen

‘Danser sa vie’ Centre Pompidou, 2011
Curated by Christine Macel & Emma Lavigne

‘The Great Mother’, Nicola Trussardi Foundation, 2015
Palazzo Reale, Milan. Curated by Massimiliano Gioni

‘Entrez dans la danse’ / ‘Rodin et la danse’, Musée Rodin, 2018
Conference organised by Catherine Chevillot, Hélène Pinet, Véronique Mattiussi, Edwige Ridel

Valentine de Saint-Point. Des feux de l’avant-garde à l’appel de l’Orient
Conference organised by Élodie Gaden + Paul-André Claudel, Nantes 2017 / Conference proceedings: Presses Universitaires de Rennes, 2019

‘Dance, Esotericism and Avant-Gardes’, Museo Picasso Málaga, 2021
International Seminar curated by Irene López Arnaiz

‘Elles font l’Abstraction’, Centre Pompidou, 2021
Curated by Christine Macel

‘Women in Abstraction’ / ‘Mujeres de la abstracción’, Guggenheim Bilbao, 2021-22
Curated by Christine Macel

‘The Milk of Dreams’, Venice Biennale / Biennale di Venezia, 2022
Curated by Cecilia Alemani

‘Coreografiar lo invisible: Danza, arte y esoterismo en los albores del siglo’, 2023
Seminar proceedings edited by Irene López Arnaiz


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